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I never know what to write in these things! The question I suppose is, why photography? That's actually pretty easy to answer... it's always been there. I spent a long time working in the NHS, never really believing something I did for the sheer love of it might be something I could do for a living. Which was me spectacularly missing the point, wasn't it? Doh!


Photography has stuck with me through highs and lows but it really started to dominate my time when my kids started to come along. As every dad does I'm sure, I wanted to get nice pictures of my kids. Except I didn't want to get just 'good' photos so along came a decent camera & lens (smartphones weren't really a thing for child number one!).

Fast forward 10 years (and I dread to think how much money spent on kit), I photographed a couple of weddings for friends and family, mostly as a way of avoiding having to spend money on a present for them (kidding, kidding). Then I genuinely had a lightbulb moment at my cousin Michael's wedding to his now wife Rhiannon, or more accurately when I saw a picture from that wedding. The photographer took a picture that day that I will never forget and will always cherish. It wasn't anything staged or fancy, it's just my Granny Gay and me (see pic, I still had a wee drop of hair, sob!) She's laughing at something I've said to her and that's it. It's nothing fancy and to anyone else it would be nothing special, but to me? It means an awful lot.

That's what wedding photography is to me, it's a day long chance to capture a moment that might never happen again.
So that's what I'll try to do for you.

I'm now a full time professional wedding photographer and have photographed hundreds of weddings. I travel all across Scotland and consider myself fortunate to do so. Ok the weather can be temperamental but the venues and locations are world class. I believe wedding photography flips between documentary wedding photography and portrait photography, with a little smattering of product and landscape thrown in for good measure.

Being so close to Edinburgh I find myself on that side of the Forth quite often, you can see some of the images from those Edinburgh weddings in my wedding photographer Edinburgh gallery.


Talk myself up section!


I've been lucky enough to be published in several magazines, including The Scottish Wedding Directory, Scottish Women & To Have & To Hold. I was also published in 'Digital Photo' a Scandinavian publication which featured an article about a rhino picture I took at Edinburgh Zoo. No, I've no idea how they found the photo either!

I'm a member of the Society for Wedding & Portrait Photographers and I was lucky enough to be a finalist in the 2020 Scottish Wedding awards in the 'photographer of the year' category. Didn't win though. Gutted. Maybe next year!