What kind of wedding photographer am I?


I'm not really one for labelling styles or at least I don't think I stick to one particular style anyway. Some wedding photographers describe themselves as 'natural wedding photographers' or 'reportage wedding photographers' and whilst they mostly mean the same thing I prefer 'documentary wedding photographer'. All the different names really mean is that the majority of photographs you see in your wedding gallery will be candid, they'll be ones you weren't implicitly aware that they were being taken. When it comes to wedding galleries and albums, I've found these candid photos are the images that provoke the most genuine responses. When going through your images for post-processing they're the ones that bring out a 'oh I remember that!' from me, so you could even say they are the most honest and authentic style of wedding photographs.

However I think there is a limitation to documentary wedding photography and that's when it comes to your couple and family photographs. Many people have a fear or at least aren't comfortable being photographed, especially by a professional photographer, but if you look through my wedding portfolio and through the full wedding gallery especially, you'll see you genuinely have nothing to worry about. If anything most couples find the short time we spend to be a chance to catch a breath. All I will do is help you look your best, have a laugh and get you back to your guests before you know it.