A natural style of wedding photography.

Photography has changed a lot in the last 30 years. Now most wedding photographers describe themselves as 'documentary photographers' or 'photojournalist photographers' and to be honest both of them mean pretty much the same thing. Essentially they mean it's about capturing the day in the most unobtrusive way.


So what's my style? I like to call it 'Natural Wedding Photography', it's a modern approach to traditional wedding photography that combines documentary and traditional. I love candid photographs just as much as everyone else and the vast majority of images I upload to a wedding gallery are candid. When going through a wedding for post-processing they're the ones that bring out an 'oh I remember that! ' from me, so you could even say they are the most honest and authentic style of wedding photographs.


But candid images can't do everything.

I think there is a limitation to candid photography and that's when it comes to your couple and group photographs. Candid photos of your family are friends are fantastic and they're really fun to shoot, but you'll likely want at least a few photographs with some of your most important guests and that's where candid photography needs to be set to the side. I'll help gather the groups and make sure your family pictures are ones you and they will love.


For the images of just the two of you I like a mixture of candids and portrait shots. The planned portraits are when I'll give you some direction here and there but the most important thing is that you have some fun with it and focus on each other. Most couples have never really been in front of a professional photographer before and genuinely have no idea of what to expect, let alone what to do. And that's okay, that's what I'm there to help with.

All I will do is help you relax, look your best and get you back to your guests before you know it. It honestly is as simple as that.

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