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Fife is blessed with some incredible venues and being a Fife wedding photographer, I've visited many of them!


I thought I might create a page on my site to talk about some of my favourites.


Fife has amazing castles, grand hotels, converted barns and of course world famous hotels synonymous with just one of the things Scotland gave to the world, golf!


I've photographed well over 100 weddings at different venues in Fife, so hopefully I can give some insight into what couples might find. I must admit though, that much of my advice is understandably centred around wedding photography!


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Fife wedding venues

Balbirnie house hotel


As a photographer your ideal venue checklist goes something like... great interior, great exterior, professional staff, good food and is it nearby?! Balbirnie House ticks all of those boxes and is the obvious choice to start my Fife wedding venues list.


Not to be missed: In the evening the hotel is beautifully lit on the outside, but not just at the front where the Georgian columns stand like guardsmen defending the entrance. Off to the side the colours rotate, so a creative photographer can try and match the main colour scheme of a wedding, or the couples favourite football team to be honest, to the colour of the hotel!


For more images and information on the venue, click here Balbirnie House




Rufflets is one of those venues that kind of snuck up on me. It's just outside St Andrews and I hadn't really been aware of it until I photographed a wedding there. Now it easily makes it onto my list of fantastic fife wedding venues. The hotel itself just radiates comfort and warmth. I shot a wedding there in winter and there was snow on the ground. Inside the hotel the fireplaces were lit and the sun was shining outside. If I hadn't been working I'd have happily had a spot of lunch and then fallen asleep for an hour on one of the numerous comfortable armchairs dotted around the rooms!


Not to be missed: The ivy on the hotel. Like a weather vane for seasons, you can't not know what season it is the second you see a photograph of this lovely building.



For more images and information on the venue, click here Rufflets Hotel


The Fairmont St Andrews


The world famous The Fairmount hotel St Andrews, the grand 209 bedroom luxury hotel that golfers around the world will be well aware of. I was lucky enough to photograph the head greenskeepers wedding here a few year ago. We had so many plans as you can imagine he knew every little spot to visit. Then the beast from the east struck! Luckily The Fairmount St Andrews is a hotel set on a grand scale and the central foyer is a wonderful place for photographs.


Not to be missed: The grounds, the reception fireplace and the main foyer staircase. Just mana from heaven for a photographer.



For more images and information on the venue, click here The Fairmount St Andrews


Windmill barn

I love Windmill barn for several reasons but honestly I can say that one of them is Clare and her husband (the owners). You could not hope to meet a nicer couple and you couldn't ask for better people to be organising your wedding with.


The venue is compact and beautifully formed. A central area gives space for ceremonies and mingling and the barn itself oozes character. There's a water feature and amazing fields and trees just a minute walk away. From a photographers POV, what's not to love?


Not to be missed: One of the best venues in Fife for a photographer to capture candid shots of guests enjoying themselves. I don't have a great explanation of why it works so well but every single time I've worked here, I've come away with images that made ME laugh out loud. Maybe it's the elevated patio or the fact that the barn encourages people to stay in a central space. It just works so, so well!



For more images and information on the venue, click here Windmill Barn


Garvock house hotel


Garvock House Hotel is a family owned and run venue, sat almost perfectly central to Dunfermline. It is a gorgeous 200 year old hotel, modernised with an extension to allow it to cater to large wedding parties. Watch out for the unique way speakers are introduced, there's a great chance of a brilliant candid photograph for the alert photographer.


The grounds are literally perfect for photographs. Easily accessible, beautifully maintained and with plenty of variety. There's also a nearby path that I like to use for its leading lines.


Not to be missed: Sunset in the summer tends to light the front of the building and with the subtle lighting around the garden it's magical.



For more images and information on the venue, click here Garvock House Hotel


Old course hotel

A venue that surely needs no introduction, The Old Course Hotel. A 5 star venue overlooking West Sands Beach and the famous Links Golf Course. If you time it right you can get onto the 18th fairway and the Swilcan bridge. Be prepared to wait for the crowds to part though and I don't mean golfers!


Not to be missed: Has to be the West Sands Beaches and the Swilcan bridge!



For more images and information on The Old Course Hotel click HERE (link to be added asap)



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