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winton castle lockdown wedding


This year has been a struggle for us all. The people who work in the wedding industry, whilst not facing the hardships of our incredible healthcare staff, haven't had their troubles to seek.


I say that so anyone reading this will understand how delighted I was that Emma & Bruce decided to go ahead with their wedding! I really wasn't sure what to expect, since this was my first lockdown wedding at a venue rather than a private house. I wasn't sure how social distancing would work, I wasn't sure just how different it would feel to a wedding in more normal times.


Turns out it was amazing!

I cannot praise the Winton Castle staff more highly, as well as Emma and Bruce, for organising the wedding as they did. Everything was so well thought out, so well laid out and sensitively arranged that it was nothing short of a joy to photograph.


As a photographer it's not actually that difficult to do my job AND maintain a distance, though it definitely takes something away from how I normally work. I usually like being in and around everything, making sure I'm not missing any moments or wee details. We have to adapt though and thankfully I was able to do that without any issues.

Having the ceremony outdoors is always fantastic in my opinion, it always me to stay well out of the way, be invisible (or as close to as a 6'1", baldy, ginger bearded guy can!) and really capture the moments without impinging on anyones experience. During COVID19 it is even more beneficial!

To anyone having a marquee at their wedding. Ask if the sides can be raised. I'd never seen this before and it was incredible! Marquee's can often create a very flat light, not really a bad thing for speeches etc but with the sides raised the colours from the garden flooded in.

I genuinely love this setup!

This wedding turned the pandemic restrictions on their head. Sure Emma & Bruce still plan on having a reception with the rest of their would-be guests but they had their closest relatives beside them and managed to have the most relaxed, wonderful wedding anyone could ask for. Helped enormously by the folks at Winton Castle.


Brilliant couple, a brilliant day and I'm thrilled with the results.



Winton Castle lockdown wedding