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you're getting married!

Thank you so much for choosing me as your photographer!

It genuinely means a lot to me that you've not only put your trust in me (we'll get brilliant photos I promise!) but you've supported a small business and put food on my table/helped me pay the bills. Thank you so much!



Questions I get asked quite often


No question is too daft (well, there probably is lets be honest) but if I've missed something out just let me know.



Yes please! It's quite a long working day so it's really appreciated if I can get something warm. However if logistically it causes problems, it's honestly not an issue for me to nip away for some food. You'll be asked if you don't mind on the questionnaire I've sent you.

If you've opted for a second photographer I'll be sure to let you know if they have any dietary requirements. I've not got any apart from needing to go on a diet!

when will you arrive again?


I'll be there 2 hours before the ceremony, unless you've specifically asked me to do something different.

and when will you finish up?


Roughly speaking about 5 songs after your first dance. It really depends on you and your guests though so here's a top tip...


Stay on the dance floor. If the bridal party stays up, other people will stay up.


Every couple I've ever spoken to all think their friends and family are party animals, every single one. They may well be but it might be after 10pm before they let their inner dancing queen out to strut their stuff, by which time I'll probably either be at home backing up all the photos or on my way home.

Your guests take their cue from you, if you sit down they will too. If you stay up, then they will as well. Or even if they don't I'll still get great shots of you and the bridal party giving it laldy!


If possible and you are up for it, have a ceilidh dance or two in the first few dances. It pretty much guarantees a full dance floor.

are you insured?


Absolutely! Happy to provide my insurance certificate if the venue asks. Most don't but I've been asked a couple of times.

when we will hear from you?


I'll be in touch 6 months before the wedding, just to check in and ask if there's anything I can help with. Then again 8 weeks before the big day to arrange our pre-wedding chat. I've found the best time to do that is about 2-3 weeks before the wedding. That's when we'll go over all the little bits of info that I need on the day like timings and group shots.

family photos


On that topic... as a heads up I advise thinking about roughly 10 family group photos. That number doesn't include the bridal party pics (bride + bridesmaids etc) it's just your family and friends. Of course you can put as many as you like but in my experience couples get what I call 'smile fatigue' when doing too many and that's the last thing I want especially if we haven't done your couple portraits yet! They CAN be fun and they CAN be quick but not if the list is too long.



Give yourselves as much time as possible between the end of the ceremony and all of your guests being sat for the speeches (best done before the meal imo). The more time you have between the end of the ceremony and everyone being sat down, the more mingling time you'll have. The more chance to actually talk to the people you've invited along to your wedding day! And obviously the more chance you'll have of getting a haggis bonbon and a glass of something sparkly!

As a general rule 90 mins is the minimum, but 2 hours is better.

when will we get our photos?


I aim to have your preview with you within 7 days and the full gallery within 8 weeks. However I am human and sometimes I've done a crazy thing like book multiple weddings in a row. Also my busiest period coincides with the being on holiday from school and spending time with them is really important to me.

All that being said it's rare for me to go beyond the 7days/8weeks and I'll do my utmost to get them to you asap.

Should we have an unplugged ceremony?


It's entirely your choice. My own opinion is I honestly can't tell you how many shots I've taken were someone is looking at their phone rather than where they maybe should be looking. It's just how we've become isn't it? Whether that spoils the image is completely in the eye of the beholder, though personally I think it does unless that's the point of the photograph.


As a general piece of advice I'd say have an unplugged ceremony and ask your squad who're around you in the morning to put their phones away. Apart from that don't worry about it.

Final top tip!


Remember your wedding day is exactly that, YOUR wedding day! Lots of people will have an input probably but at the end of the day it's a celebration of you as a couple. Don't feel the need to follow or do what everyone else does at a wedding, do something that you really enjoy. Even if it's before the ceremony or later at night, make sure you do something for you both and just for you both.

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